Full Restoration  

The piano is first completely disassembled. Every case part is completely stripped and prepared for primer and the final finish coat. The plate is stripped and prepared for primerand all case parts are coated with primer.

All strings, decals, rubber buttons, and tuning pins are replaced. Action and damper system are restored, including replacement of damaged hammers, shanks, flanges and springs.

All worn felt, leather, and metal parts are replaced. Pedal and trapwork system is completely rebuilt. Soundboard and bridges are repaired or replaced if not in excellent shape. Case and plate are refinished.

The entire piano is carefully cleaned and hand polished for the highest quality finish. All the hardware is polished, refinished or replaced.

Complete action regulation, tuning and voicing. Multiple tunings to stabilize new strings.
Please call or email Carlos Farina for additional information. carlosfarina@msn.com

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